A tv show with which you can relate somehow? A tv show that can make you laugh? A tv show that can make you cry? Well, here it is- F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Ross, you were always busy complicating your life. We understand that you loved you ex-wife (Carol) but so what if she turned out to be a lesbian? (by the way I agree with joey, how did you not see the signs?) Well you should stop creating awkward social situations and be who you are.

Rachel, you’re my favorite and you know why? ’cause you were so real, you were clumsy, dumb and mature when needed. You lived your life the way you wanted to, you chose the one you love but I really wanted you and joey to fall in love and live happily but ross is good too, he is a smart man with good humor (and the father of your child). Emma is soo cute, although I wish she doesn’t get your nose.

Monica, damn girl you’re so organized! But you sometimes were so irritatingly annoying… Oh poor chandler! But I wish you were a real character ’cause who gets such a great friend nowadays? And I would always cherish the delicious food that you made.

Chandler, you’re the funniest! I love your jokes! You really make my days cheerful. I don’t know why you always found flaws in girls that you dated but alright, you ended with the perfect one. I know you panic a lot but still, in my opinion, you’re absolutely perfect.

Phoebe, you’re a sweet and beautiful woman. You went through quite tough times in your life but still I find you very irritating sometimes but you’re cute.

Joey, you’re such a great guy! You always tried to be the ‘tough guy’ but I knew you had a soft side too. You loved rachel and I really hoped that you both hit it off but it didn’t work out and you’re so good and you deserve love.

This tv show was not just a tv show but a precious part of my life.

Its like your always stuck in second gear,

And when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year but,

I’ll be there for you……


That First Love

There is no love like the first” ~Nicholas Sparks

I remember the day when you came and said hi to me, it was the annual day at our school and you were all dressed up in a tuxedo for your dance performance. I remember how cute you looked everytime you attempted to adjust the black bow tie that you were wearing. I remember how you smiled at me and bought me a candy…How you talked about the trouble you were facing in learning math, How you never had anyone to play with at home. It took you just 5 minutes to make me your best friend and I was the first one you shared your candies with. It was a moment of honor to be the best friend of such a truthful person. But the annual day ended, we parted ways since our schools didn’t have higher classes. I wish I could relive those precious moments once more. I never found someone like you in my new school. You’ll always be a star in my eyes.

Who said that wasn’t love? That was just something that us adults would never be able to feel. A love or maybe a feeling so pure and truthful, so honest and beautiful that you couldn’t just forget. Yes, it’s true, first love always has a special place in your hearts.

To Dad,

As the final examinations come close, I realized that I actually wasted almost a year. I didn’t study a lot, and I tend to forget many things, I didn’t develop great social skills, didn’t make my year productive. I did a lot of shopping this year for various occasions, went on two road trips and wasted a lot of my time and resources.

But you were always there to make me aware of my mistakes, help me to overcome all my obstacles and you know what’s the best part? You always believed in me. You’re the santa of my Christmas, the joy of my life. I might have not been the best daughter in the worl but dad, I’ll always give my hundred percent to make you happy. I’ll do my best to to be your “SON”.


Your hopeless daughter.